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Сердце Киева




Many people lost their jobs and their ability to support themselves during the war 

Destroyed Cities

Many cities were completely destroyed after the war and must be rebuilt from scratch 

Lack of resources 

In order to rebuild Ukraine, a large number of resources are needed in various sectors 

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Cooperation of Partner Countries

Working together on projects helps to strengthen relations and break down the barrier between countries

Rebuilding Ukraine

Thanks to the rapid supply of resources and joint work on projects, rebuilding Ukraine will go faster

Barrier-free supplies

Collaboration of different companies contributes to the development of small and large businesses in different structures

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Our team 


Bertram Thyssen


Co-founder, already founded two Companies


Yuliia Andriienko



 specialist for UA


Maxim Maximenko


System developer

We are developing a platform that will help unite not only the citizens of Ukraine and Germany, but also the whole world. Our platform is aimed at the joint work of citizens of different countries and the elimination of all problems at different stages. Joint work, simplified way of supplying different resources and elimination of barriers - our main goal.

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